Victoria's Secret

Welcome to Persona Butik (VICTORIS'A SECRET)

This new branch of Persona Butik selling only Victoria's Secret products.

Price for Secret Garden collection - RM48 each
(excluding postage)

Postage fee visit:

EDT 120 grams
Others: 310 grams

You can mix and match the products, or share with friends to maximize the postage fee.

Shipping: First item -RM6, after that add RM2.50 for each extra bottle.

Waiting time if items not available in hands is 2-3 weeks, because we need to order from US.


Ready Stock In Hand - more than 30 pcs available!!!

 RM48 each excluding postage
pick two or more with FREE postage*

1. Berry kiss:
Body Lotion (250 ml) - 1

2. Endless Love:
EDT (30 ml)-1Body Mist (250 ml)-2

 3. Lost In Fantasy:
(popular - so more stock ;)
EDT (30 ml)- 3
Body Mist (250 ml)-4
Body Lotion (250 ml)- 3

 4. Love Spell:
Body Lotion (250 ml) -1

5. Lusciuos Kisses:
EDT (30 ml) - 1
Body Mist (250 ml)-2
Body Lotion (250 ml)-2
Hand and Body Cream (200 ml)-1

 6. Pure Seduction:
Body Lotion (250 ml)- 2

7. Ravishing Love :
(new scent ;)
Hand and Body Cream (200 ml) - 1

8. Strawberry and Champagne:
EDT (30 ml)- 1
Body Mist (250 ml) - 1
Body Lotion (250 ml) - 1
Hand and Body Cream (200 ml) -1

*free postage for West Malaysia only /East Malaysia flat rate RM5

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